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Cookie privacy

The Data Protection Authority, with provision of 08.05.2014 n. 229 published in the Official Gazette n. 126 of 03.06.2014, has adopted the European Directive on cookies, aimed at protecting the privacy of Users. The information that follows, therefore, comply with the obligation to allow the privacy of each User without prejudice to the navigation of the website visited by you. The following information may be updated and for this reason we invite you to visit this page regularly. If you do not agree with this statement, we invite you not to use our services.

When you visit our website, we may collect some information such as: the IP address and the browser you are using. If you use a mobile device, we may also collect data on your device, on its settings. We may also collect information about you, about your preferences. The data collected are used by us and shared for:
  • Customer support: we share your data with the customer service staff / service for all your needs related to your requests;
  • Account management: If you decide to create a user account, the information you provide allows us to manage this function, and to you to use the service in the future, in an easier and faster way;
  • Marketing activities: To the extent permitted by law, we use your information to send you news about products or services that may be of interest to you. At any time you can decide to disable the receipt of marketing communications by sending an e-mail to veneta.isolatori@legalmail.it or to info@venetaisolatori.it;
  • Other types of communication: depending on the type of contact you have with us we may contact you by e-mail, mail, telephone or sms if we need:
    • manage your request;
    • send an invitation to express your opinion on the service / purchase made;
    • send you material that could be useful for using the service / purchase.
  • Market research: the additional personal information you provide to us during your participation in market research will be used exclusively with your permission;
  • Fraud detection and prevention: we may use the information you provide to us to detect and prevent fraud or other illegal or unwanted activity.
  • Improvement of our services: your data are used by us to improve our services and the functionality and quality of our site.

Sharing your data with third parties
In some cases it may be necessary for us to use third-party service providers, who manage your data exclusively on our behalf. The purpose could be the simplification of payment, the sending of marketing material or analysis services. Every third company is bound by confidentiality agreements with us and is prohibited from using your personal data for its own purposes or for any other purpose. We may share your information with law enforcement or other government authorities in the cases provided by law or if strictly necessary to prevent, detect or prosecute criminal activities.

Cookies consist of data that a website deposits in the browser of your computer or mobile device. There are various types of cookies:
  • Technical cookies , are those that are used to provide the service in a better way to those who use it. These are the ones that the site uses to allow you to better navigate the site. For example, cookies that remember what you have in your cart or the language you prefer. They are those for which you do not need your prior authorization.
  • Analytical cookies, are those used by us to optimize and improve the site, to ensure that the site is always interesting and relevant and to collect information, in an aggregate and anonymous, the number of users and how users visit the site.
The site uses the service offered by Google Analytics in order to have a complete and reliable statistics about the use of the site itself. In order to ensure the privacy of users as strictly as possible, in accordance with the indications given by the Privacy Guarantor, we inform you that we have carried out the management of the IPs anonymously. In addition, the website operator has also changed the settings of "data sharing" with Google Analytics and, therefore, Google must use personal data recorded through the service only within the limits of the instructions given by the Website Manager itself and not share them. with other Google services. Because of the above, we inform you that the advertising and data sharing options with Google have not been activated and that Google Analytics has not been connected to any service additional: the processing, therefore, is carried out for statistical purposes only and therefore, based on what is explicitly provided by the Privacy Guarantor, Analytics cookies have been treated as technical cookies and as such installed without the prior consent of the user. There are no profiling cookies used by the site operator, nor by third parties. Our cookies can have variable duration. In particular, there are session cookies: valid ie within a single search or browsing session and disappear with the closing of the browser and permanent cookies of varying duration. The maximum duration of some cookies in this second category is 5 years. At any time you have the option to delete all cookies from the browser.

Disabling cookies can lead to difficulties in browsing or, sometimes, the inability to take advantage of some features of the site. Below are the ways to disable cookies for the most commonly used browsers. To set cookies, in browsers other than those listed, you should refer to the informational documentation prepared by the browser manufacturer.
  • Internet Explorer 8.0+
    - Click on "Tools" in the menu bar and select "Internet Options"
    - Make click on the "Privacy" tab at the top
    - Drag the slider to "Block all cookies"
  • Firefox 4.0+
    - Click on "Tools" in the menu bar
    - Select "Options"
    - Click on the "Privacy" tab
    - Select the "Activate the anti-tracking of personal data" check box
  • Google Chrome
    - Click on the "Chrome menu" in the browser toolbar
    - Select "Settings"
    - Click on "Show advanced settings"
    - In the Privacy section , click on the "Content settings" button
    - In the "Cookies" section select "Ignore exceptions and block the setting of third-party cookies"
  • Safari 5.0
    - Click on the Safari menu and select "Preferences"
    - Go on the "Security" tab
    - In the section "Accept cookies" specify whether to accept cookies always, never or only from the sites visited.

  • In any case it is possible to refer to the support of the producers of the major browsers.

    ATTENTION: By continuing to browse our site, you implicitly accept the cookies that the system will install.
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