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Quality and Safety


The Company Policy for Quality and Safety of Veneta Isolatori S.r.l. a socio unico, integrated for both management systems, is as follows:

Pursuing continuous improvement of company performance and the protection of the health and safety conditions of all personnel involved in business activities, while respecting the dignity of its employees, customers and third parties involved.

 In setting these commitments, the Organization operates through a management system that allows it:

  •  To favor the maximum agreement with the Customers, to evaluate and correctly interpret their needs, to identify exactly the requirements and to work in the best way so that the quality of products and services offered meets the needs and expectations of the market.
  •  Provide a healthy and safe work environment, through the implementation of actions to prevent accidents and injuries and to minimize, as far as reasonably possible, the causes of risk.

For these purposes, the Company:

  • It undertakes to comply with regulations and legislative provisions, current and future, voluntary and not, in the matter of Quality, Environment and Safety and operates so that the products and services offered meet the mandatory and / or internal requirements specified by the organization; 
  • it organizes a structured system that manages, plans and supports systematic activities aimed at pursuing and reviewing, through the involvement of the entire company structure, the objectives and targets established;
  • it defines and implements methods for identifying hazards and assessing business risks and for health, safety and taking appropriate prevention, protection and control measures, focusing on internal and external variables and factors of the context in which the Organization operates; 
  • it cooperates with the relevant bodies and authorities, with the trade associations and with all the other institutional and social interlocutors to promote the attention towards Health and Safety and to develop the use of the best available technologies and knowledges on the subject; 
  • it privileges suppliers of goods and services that are sensitive and share the principles of safeguarding Health and Safety and develops stable and mutually beneficial relationships with them; it assesses suppliers based on the quality and timing of supply and safety standards; 
  • compatibly with the needs and availability of resources, it makes investments in technologies that can improve the quality of the product and reduce the risks identified for the health and safety of workers;
  • it adapts workplaces, equipment, methods and work activities to respect for ergonomic principles; it installs and maintains efficient systems, machines and equipment, suitable for use, compliant with technical developments and current regulations; it provides a healthy and safe work environment through the implementation of appropriate actions to prevent accidents and accidents at work and minimize risks.  

The pursuit of the principles outlined above is obtained with the necessary contribution of each one, employees and collaborators, who are asked to comply with the rules defined in the Quality and Safety Manual and in the related Procedures and Instructions, drawn up with a view to constantly improving the effectiveness of the Safety Management System.

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